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Introduction Notes
The following is the patriarchal blessing given to Benjamin F. Johnson by Joseph Smith Sr.

Patriarchal blessing are considered both personal and sacred. They are not intended to be shared with others.
Over one hundred years have past since Benjamin returned to the Lord. Note that Patriarchal blessings of one's departed ancestors may be obtained from LDS Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City.
Furthermore, the patriarchal blessings given by Jacob (Israel) to his sons are recorded in the Old Testament. Additional blessings given by Moses to the Tribes of Israel are also recorded in the Old Testament. We draw strength, understanding, and inspiration from these recorded blessings.
With deep reverence and respect, I have determined to post this blessing on the Internet, particularly for the benefit of Benjamin F. Johnson's posterity. Many of the blessings were indeed fulfilled in Benjamin's lifetime, as recorded in his autobiography, My Life's Review.
Other blessings, such as meeting St. John leading the returning Ten Tribes, were not fulfilled. The unfulfilled blessings should not lessen one's faith in patriarchal blessings. Nearly every promised blessing is conditional. Perhaps the Ten Tribes were not yet prepared to be gathered. Perhaps our ancestors were not ready to receive them.
As descendants of Benjamin F. Johnson, We must ask ourselves, "What can we do to bring about the completion of these blessings?"
by Tom Irvine, Great-Great Grandson of Benjamin F. Johnson.
Macedonia,  January 18, 1840
A Patriarchal Blessing pronounced upon the head of Benjamin F. Johnson, under the hands of Joseph Smith (Sr.) Patriarch. 
(BFJ) Born in Pomfret, Chautaugua County, New York, July 28, 1818.
Brother Benjamin in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God I lay my hands upon thy head to seal upon thee a Father's Blessing and also to speak of thy lineage.  Thou art an orphan though under peculiar circumstances thy Father yet lives though not in condition to pronounce Blessing upon thee.
May God grant his Spirit to direct this blessing according to his will.   Thy desire is to do great things in the Earth & may God enable thee to perform thy desires.  Thou shalt have power to proclaim the Gospel to many people, nations and tongues. 
The Lord shall preserve thee in every affliction.  The angels shall camp round about thee continually.  The power of the Highest shall be exerted in thy deliverance and defend thee.  Satan shall not be allowed to prevail against thee.  Thy voice shall cause thine enemies to tremble. Thou shalt have power to smite the waters that men man go over dry shod as the children of Israel came out of Egypt.   Thou shalt have power to command the winds and the raging of the sea.  Thou shalt have power to preserve thyself from thou enemies by wafting thyself through the air. 
Thou shalt proclaim the gospel before kings and rulers and mighty men, and many shall be astonished at thy words and would even fall down and worship thee.   Thou shalt have power to do all manner of miracles which were done in days of old by ancient saints.   Many shall seek to thee for council and thou shalt be able to instruct them by the wisdom of the Most High. Thou art a descendant of Abraham through the loins of Ephraim which shall assist to push the people together from the ends of the Earth.   
Thou shalt bring together an enumerable host of the children of Abraham even unto the Land of Zion.    Thou shalt have riches and honors in abundance, silver, gold & precious metals until thou art tired counting.   The Lord shall give thee a numerous offspring and helps in abundance to bring them to maturity. Even the desires of thy heart in that they shall be accomplished.
Years shall be multiplied upon thee and thou shalt see thy children and children’s children to the fourth generation.  
Thou shalt see the Temple of God reared in Zion and the glory of God resting upon it.  Thou shalt see the Ten Tribes return from the North with St. John at their head and shall strike hands with him and call him Brother.    If  faithful dear Brother, I seal all these blessings upon thee and the blessings of the New and Everlasting Covenant by authority of the High Priesthood in the name of Jesus Christ, and I seal thee up unto eternal life to inherit thrones and dominions and principalities & powers.  Amen.
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