"Super Bark Free Noise Deterrent - Stop Dog Barking, Humanely and Safely! PC06"
Covers a 50-ft. radius -- outdoor use
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Covers a 25-ft. radius -- use it outdoors or inside

Deters barking from your neighbor’s dog -- or your own!

Humane technology won’t inflict harm or pain

Designed for all breeds & sizes of dogs


Persistent barking and bad behavior in dogs are often difficult to cure. The Bark Free, developed by veterinary technicians, is the humane and effective way to help cure your pets behavioral problems. It uses a specially designed speaker that picks up a dog's bark and then sends out a corrective tone to keep the dog from waking up the neighborhood.
When placed near the neighbor's or your own dog, Bark Free is designed to turn on automatically when barking occurs. Its unique bark pick-up sensitivity adjustment allows you to set the microphone to activate the dog's bark. This technology eliminates the chance of false sound readings and automatically turns off when barking stops.
To determine the best sound frequency for preventing barking, Bark Free also has an audible sound selector. The selector can be set either for higher sound frequencies that only dogs can hear or for lower sound tones that are also audible to humans. Both sounds help in controlling dogs from barking.
Ideal for use in kennels and multiple-dog homes. And a great way to train puppies not to bark. Bark Free covers 1250 square feet of outdoor or indoor space (coverage area is in front of the unit). Unit measures 3.5"x1"x5.5"; weighs 3 lbs. Includes a mounting bracket (for attachment to wall, fence, or stake), ac adapter with 50 outdoor extension cord, and a vinyl rain cover for outdoor use. 120V AC; 60Hz; 18 watts. UL and CE listed. Two-year mfg. warranty.

Bark Free produces a sound pressure level of 130 dB as measured at the source. The frequency is 6 KHz in the audible mode and 23-26 KHz in the ultrasonic mode.


I have successfully used Bark Free to train our Dachshund "Peanut."

Tom Irvine


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