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An Introduction to Digital Filtering: filter.pdf
This tutorial focuses on the Butterworth filter.
Introduction to the Spectral Functions. The Fourier Transform and Power Spectral Density Function: spectral.pdf
Fast Fourier Transform: fft.pdf  
The FFT transform is based on the butterfly algorithm.
Power Spectral Density Calculation via Matlab: psd_mat.pdf
Guest tutorial submitted by Bob Light.
Sine Function Identification and Removal.  sinefind.pdf
Statistical Degrees of Freedom: statdof.pdf
DLL Files needed to run software programs




Digital filtering using a Butterworth 6th order  filter. The user must supply an input time  history  file. Both lowpass and highpass  options are  available.
Fast Fourier transform (FFT) of a time history. The  transform operates on a time series with 2^n  points, where n is an integer.
Also, corresponding inverse FFT.


Conventional Fourier transform of a time series  with an arbitrary number of points.
Generation of time history signals:
1. sine
2. damped sine
3. sine sweep
4. white noise
5. pink noise

First-order trend identification and removal.
Second-order trend identification and removal.
Cubic Spline Curve-fit:
Integrate a time history via the trapezoidal rule.
 Differentiate a time history.
 Recommended Books
Brigham, The Fast Fourier Transform and its Applications
Stearns and David, Signal Processing Algorithms in Fortran and C

Ken Steiglitz, A Digital Signal Processing Primer

Himelblau, Piersol, et al., IES Recommended Practice 012.1: Handbook for Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis

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