HobbyZone Sky Surfer R/C Para-Plane RTF - RC-HBZ 7800

The Sky Surfer is radio control (R/C) paraplane that is very easy to fly. It is excellent for beginners. The Sky Surfer's cruise speed is the manageable 7-10 mph range. Its steering system allows positive and precise control during maneuvers.
The canopy acts an airfoil during powered flight. It also acts as a parachute during descent, providing for gentle landings. This feature is particularly important in the event of power loss or an adverse wind gust.
The photograph was taken over a park in Mesa, Arizona.
The carriage suspended underneath the canopy is called the gondola. The propeller is mounted in the large ring attached to the gondola. The pilot figure is seated at the front of the gondola.
The black wire dangling downward is the antenna.
My three sons and I really enjoy flying the Sky Surfer.
Tom Irvine
Email: tomirvine@aol.com
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HobbyZone Sky Surfer R/C Para-Plane RTF - RC-HBZ 7800

Please also order the optional extended battery pack for longer flight times, HobbyZone Optional 7.2v 1100mAh Ni-Cd Battery Pack - RC-HBZ 7809.