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Noonan syndrome is a genetic condition which has an incidence rate of: 1/1,000-1/2,500 live births. It can occur in both males and females.

Noonan syndrome is similar to Turner syndrome.
Characteristics may include: congenital heart disease, short stature, distinctive facial features, dental problems, bruising, bleeding, and learning difficulties.
The facial features may include: low-set or rotated ears, and Hypertelorism (widely spaced eyes).
Another characteristic is "Pectus excavatum," which is a concave shape in the chest.

Children with Noonan syndrome may have some, or all, of the characteristics.

All children with Noonan syndrome should see a cardiologist and have an ultrasound examination of the heart chambers and valves.
Jan and Tom Irvine are forming a Noonan Syndrome Support Group for Arizona. Your participation is welcome.
Please call Jan Irvine at 480-752-9975.
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