Winning Office Politics

by Andrew J. DuBrin

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Paperback - 348 pages

Book Description
In an era of cutthroat competition, corporate takeovers, and mergers, the use of effective political techniques is essential for survival in the workplace. DuBrin's book gives readers proven strategies to gain power, visibility, and advantage as you move up the corporate ladder.
Organized into 18 easy-to-understand sections, this comprehensive Guide gives 296 real life examples of office politics, along with the courses of action and solutions used in each scenario.

DuBrin includes a questionnaire to help readers determine whether they are Machiavellian, Company Politician, Survivalist, Straight Arrow, or an Innocent Lamb.
DuBrin writes, "An Innocent Lamb should read this book for self-protection, while a Straight Arrow, Survivalist, or Company Politician might want to read it to become more knowledgeable about winning (and losing) tactics of office politics. A Machiavellian would finish this book to find out if there is any strategy that someone else is using that he or she has missed."
"To climb the organizational ladder rapidly, the best chances are for those low to moderate Company Politicians or high Survivalists. People falling into this range are usually shrewd, but they are not in strong danger of tripping over their own ruthlessness."
About the Author

Andrew J. DuBrin is a professor of management at the College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a licensed psychologist. He received a Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State (1960) and M.S. in industrial psychology from Purdue (1957).

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