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Vibration and Fatigue Evaluation of Airplane Propellers, FAA Document: prop.pdf
D. Hessenaur, Propellar Drive Systems and Torsional Vibration: torsional_vibration.pdf

Marte & Kurtz, A Review of Aerodynamic Noise from Propellers, Rotors, and Lift Fans: NASA_propeller_noise.pdf

Aircraft Sounds

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Beech Bonaza Takeoff
Several Yak-18, Propellar-driven Russian Aircraft, Flyover at Goodyear Air Show, Phoenix, AZ, October 21, 2006. Some background noise from crowd.
Image from Air Show: Yak18.jpg

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January 2006

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Lockheed C130J Hercules Vibration
Model Rocket Liftoff Acoustics    
IIT Tube

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