Raid on the Sun : Inside Israel's Secret Campaign that Denied Saddam the Bomb

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 In June 1981, faced with a nuclear threat from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Israel resolved to eliminate a French-built, Baghdad-based reactor named "Osirak," which was producing weapons-grade plutonium. This is the extraordinary true story of one of the most daring, and successful, military strikes ever.
Israeli Air Force General David Ivry spent four years devising the precision attack on Iraq's Osirak reactor, the first time in history that a nuclear reactor was bombed.
The Israeli pilots who performed this mission were: Zeev Raz, Amos Yadlin, Dobbi Yaffe, Hagai Katz, Amir Nachumi, Iftach Spector, Relik Shafir, and Ilan Ramon.
The pilots each flew modified F-16 aircraft. The sleek, technologically advanced F-16s flew just 100 feet off the ground through hot, unstable desert air for 600 miles to Baghdad in order to avoid enemy radar.
The aircraft carried 2000-pound MK-84 bombs.
The bombs completely destroyed the reactor. The nations of the world widely condemned the attack.
A week after the coalition's successful invasion of Iraq in 1991, Dick Cheney sent a satellite photo of the bombed-out reactor to General Ivry, who had been appointed as Israel's ambassador to the United States. The photos has a note, "With thanks and appreciation. You made our job easier in Desert Storm."
Pilot Ilan Ramon was later chosen to be Israel's first astronaut. He perished in the Columbia space shuttle accident in February 2003.

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