What is the closest star to the Earth?

The Sun is the closest star to the Earth.
The closest stars to the Sun are:
Proxima Centauri: 4.22 light years
Alpha Centauri A: 4.35 light years
Alpha Centauri B: 4.35 light years
These three stars form the Alpha Centauri system. This system is part of the constellation Centaurus, which is best viewed from the Southern hemisphere.
Proxima Cenaturi is a dim red dwarf star. Note that Proxima Centauri is also known as Alpha Cenaturi C.
Alpha Centauri A is a yellow star which is the same type as the Sun. Alpha Centauri is also called by the Arabic name Rigil Kentaurus, which means "the foot of the Centaur."
Alpha Centauri B is an orange star.
Alpha Cenaturi A and B are a binary pair. They orbit about one another with a period of 80 years.
The fourth nearest star to the Sun is Barnard's Star, at 5.9 light years away. This star is located in a separate constellation called Ophiuchus. Barnard's Star is a red dwarf.

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