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Shock and Vibration in Launch Vehicles: Shock_and_Vibration_in_Launch_Vehicles.ppt
Practical Application of the Rayleigh-Ritz Method to Verify Launch Vehicle Bending Mode: AIAA_7291_slide.ppt 
A Time Domain, Curve-Fitting Method for Accelerometer Data Analysis: AIAA_7667_slide.ppt
Waveform Reconstruction via Wavelets (NASA version): waveform_reconstruction_revB.ppt
Waveform Reconstruction via Wavelets (Aerospace/JPL Conference version): Irvine_waveform_reconstruction.zip
The NASA Engineering & Safety Center (NESC) Shock & Vibration Training Program:  SCLV2010_Irvine_presentation_10.pdf
Pegasus Drop Transient: REX2LAUN.mov
ASAS Motor Static File: ASAS-RAVEN.mpg

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