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 LA International Airport Track Listings

1. L.A. International Airport
2. Heartbreak Mountain
3. Willy Jones
4. Happy Times Are Here Again
5. Pitty , Pitty , Patter
6. I' Got Happy A Heart
7. Cajun Train
8. Cheating Game
9. When You Get Back From Nashville
10. Biggest Storm Of All
11. Whatcha Gonna Do With A Dog Like Than
12. Sick And Tired
13. Ghost Story
14. Plastic Trains, Paper Planes
15. Before You Go
16. Wheel Of Fortune
17. Stop The World ( And Let Me Off)
18. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
19. It' Too Late To Keep From Losing You
20. Alone Once Again
21. Love Sure Feels Good In My Heart
22. Precious Memories
23. One Night Stand
24. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
25. May Be If I Close My Eyes

 16 Greatest Hits Track Listings

1. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
2. One Night Stand
3. Willy Jones
4. L.A. International Airport
5. Pitty, Pitty, Patter
6. (I've Got A) Happy Heart
7. A Song to Sing
8. My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own
9. Wheel of Fortune
10. Love Sure Feels Good in My Heart
11. Cheating Game
12. Plastic Trains, Paper Planes
13. When You Get Back from Nashville
14. Stop the World (And Let Me Off)
15. You Can Sure See It from Here
16. Whatcha Gonna Do With a Dog Like That

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