Animations and Education Courses

SVD Inc., Online Courses in Vibration Analysis and Signal Processing: SVD
Heriot-Watt University, Tuning fork animation: Tuning Fork 
Ferris State University, Tacoma Narrows Bridge animation: Bridge

University Virtual Libraries

Stanford University: Virtual Library: Mechanical Engineering

WWW Acoustics and Vibration Virtual Library: Library

University of Maryland Physics and Astronomy: Physics
Swarthmore College Math Forum: Forum

Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library EEVL

UC Berkeley -- National Engineering Education site: NEEDS

Hong Kong Polytechnic University:  HK construction

 Additional University Research Sites and Student Pages

The University of Sheffield Vibration Engineering Research: Sheffield

Colorado School of the Mines Center for Wave Phenomena: Wave

John Hernlund, Arizona State University Seismology: Hernlund

 Vibration and other Science Books

Science Books

 Test Labs
Dynamic Labs, Environmental Testing Services, Arizona  Dynamic Labs
NU Labs, Military and Commercial Testing, N.J. NU Labs

 Societies, Institutes, and Organizations

Plant Reliability: Reliability web
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology: IEST
Sound and Vibration Information and Analysis Center: SAVIAC

Vibration Institute. Check out the message board: Vibration Institute

Community Noise Organization: Noise

Acoustical Society of Chile: ASC

 Electronic Packaging

Kevin Denning's Packaging

 Computer Vibration

International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association: IDEMA
SCSI Trade Organization: SCSI Harbor


NASA Goddard Links: GFSC Links
NASA Goddard Vibration Software: GSFS Software

 Musical Instruments

David Hurd (aka Kawika) Ukuleles.
Interesting discussion of physics and design principles.

  Consultants and Software

Pro/E Design and Motion Simulation: Pitzer Consulting

Steve Goldson's Rotating Machinery 

Finite Element Software: CSI-Ansys

Educators and consultants in Equipment Reliability/Durability. Equipment Reliability
Acustica Integral, Chile: Acustica

Colin Gordon and Associates: Gordon

Computational Acoustics/Boundary Element Method: Soundsoft

 Team Building

 Cal Tingey, Partnering and Team Building for schools, business and other organizations. Tingey
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