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Figure 1. Edward Irvine, son of Alexander Irvine


Figure 2.
Back Row: Edward Irvine, Izora Jackson Irvine
Front Row: JAR Irvine, daughter Nancy Irvine Mohn, baby Harlowe, and Nancy Jane Gregg Irvine, (JAR' s wife)

This picture was probably taken around 1902 as Nancy Irvine Mohn was married in 1901.
The picture is courtesy of Gail Patricia Irvine Stillar, who is a great-granddaughter of Joseph A.R. Irvine.
Figure 3. Thomas Edward Irvine and Frances Isabella White, Married June 3, 1894
The picture is courtesy of George Lee, who is a descendant of Mary Annetta Chute.


Edward Irvine was born in the vicinity of Glasgow, Scotland. He then moved to County Tyrone, Ireland, according to Reference 1.
Alexander Irvine was the son of Edward Irvine. He married Jane Johnson in Ireland, according to Reference 2. The wife's name is given as Jane Johnstone in Reference 1, however. Her father is given as Samuel Johnstone in Reference 1.
They had several children, including Sarah (Beckim)  and Edward, per Reference 2.
Edward, the son of Alexander, was born in County Tyrone, Ireland in 1838.
Alexander Irvine and his family left Ireland in 1842.
The following information is courtesy of Kathy Bender and Craig Moyer, both descendents of Edward Irvine and his third wife Izora Jackon:
Edward's parents came to America when he was two years old landing at St. Johns, New Brunswick after a voyage of several weeks in a sailing vessel.  Their voyage in cramped, stuffy cabins, spoiled food and water, took its toll. His baby sister, Catherine was buried at sea.  His little brother, James, died within a day or two after landing.  

The Irvines settled in Saint John's River, New Brunswick.

Edward married Deborah Rideout in New Brunswick in 1859. They had a son, Joseph Alexander Rideout Irvine.

Deborah Rideout died in 1863.

Edward married Mary Annetta Chute in New Brunswick in 1867. They had a son, Thomas Edward, who was born in Bear River, Nova Scotia. They also had a daughter Lillah.
Edward left his family and traveled to San Diego, California.  He then rode a horse across the desert to Phoenix in 1870 where he built a store.  His son from his first marriage, Joseph A.R., also settled in Phoenix with him.  
Edward was a prominent businessman. He is listed as a founder of the city of Phoenix at:
Edward's son Joseph A. R. was a member of the Arizona legislature and a commissioner of the city of Phoenix.
Edward married Izora Jackson in Phoenix in 1880. Unfortunately, he married Izora without first obtaining a divorce from his previous wife, Mary Annetta.
Mary Annetta, and her children, Thomas Edward and Lillah, eventually traveled from Nova Scotia to Phoenix to seek financial support from Edward.
This created a scandal for Edward, who was then indicted by the District Court in Arizona for adultery. He was later acquitted.
Edward and Mary Annetta finally obtained a divorce in Phoenix in 1897. As a result of the divorce, Edward lost much of his wealth. He also fell from prominence in Phoenix.
Court Report 1
Court Report 2
My genealogy is as follows:





 Edward Irvine




Alexander Irvine 


 Tyrone, Ireland

 Jane Johnson
(or Johnstone)

Daughter of Samuel Johnstone

 Edward Irvine


 Tyrone, Ireland

 Mary Annetta Chute

Daughter of
Hiram Chute and
Isabella Elliot Taylor

 Thomas Edward Irvine


Bear River,
Nova Scotia

 Frances Isabella White

Daughter of
George Townley White
Mary Isabelle Rayner

 John Harding Irvine


 Phoenix, Arizona

Alix Rose (Peggy) Irvine

Daughter of
Howard Grant Manchester and
Alix Caroline Stirling

 John Thomas Irvine


 Yuma, Arizona

Sharon Ann Magleby

Daughter of
Grant William Magleby
Melissa Pomeroy

Grant Magleby reads excerpts from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

Thomas Grant Irvine

Joseph Kimball Irvine
Benjamin Kimball Irvine
Daniel Thomas Irvine


 Phoenix, Arizona

 Jan Kimball

My part of the Irvine family has lived in Arizona since Edward, and then Thomas Edward, moved to this state.
1. Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona, Chapman Publishing, Co., Chicago, 1901.
2. A Historical and Biographical Record of the Territory of Arizona, McFarland and Poole, 1896, pages 459-460.
References 1 and 2 are available in the Arizona Historical Foundation at the Arizona State University Hayden Library.
Sincerely, Tom Irvine

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Francis Martin Pomeroy
Benjamin F. Johnson