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Year 2003

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Feature Articles
 June 2003
Pet Sounds CD
Train Horn Acoustics
Doppler Shift
Train Horn Chimes
Train Horn Sounding in Pet Sounds
  May 2003

The Sounding of Taps at President Kennedy's Funeral.
This article discusses Sergeant Keith Clark's rendition of Taps at the funeral.

Helicopter Vibration per MIL-STD-810F
April 2003

Apache Helicopter Noise.

This article includes Fourier transforms of acoustic data that reveal the blade passing frequency and harmonics of each rotor.
 March 2003

Paso Fino Hoof Beat Sound
Power Line Noise
 February 2003
Space Shuttle Columbia Infrasound
Snapping Shrimp Acoustics
 January 2003
Aerodynamic Buffeting at Transonic Speeds
Vibration in Classic TV Sitcoms
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