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Impulse Loading, Impact Shock & Piecewise Linear Systems

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Impulse Loading

Response of a Single-degree-of-freedom System Subjected to an Impulse Force: force_impulse.pdf

The Response of a Cantilever Beam Subjected to an Applied Concentrated Impulse Force:

Impact & Drop Shock & Product Shock Fragility

Simple Drop Shock: dshock.pdf

Horizontal Impact Shock: h_impact.pdf

Water Impact Shock: water_impact.pdf

Equivalent Bench Handling Shock Response Spectrum: bench_handling.pdf
H. Schueneman, Product Shock Fragility Testing: Acquisition and Use of Critical Velocity Change Data: product_fragility.pdf
Impact Shock for Piecewise Linear Systems with Potential for Gapping and Recontact
Spring-Mass-Bumper System Subjected to Initial Excitation:  spring_mass_bumper.pdf

Matlab Script:  
Preloaded Spring-Mass System Subjected to Base Excitation: spring_mass_preloaded_base.pdf
Matlab scripts: spring_mass_preloaded_base.m  &   smpb_rk4.m
Additional shock materials are given at:  SRS Page






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