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Mechanical Impedance & Force Limited Testing

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McNelis and Scharton, Benefits of Force Limiting Vibration Testing: TM-1999-209382.pdf

Fitzpatrick and McNeill, Methods to Specify Random Vibration Acceleration Environments That Comply with Force Limit Specifications:  methods_rvae.pdf

Scharton, Force Limited Vibration Testing Monograph: NASA_RP1403.pdf
Scharton, NASA Force Limited Vibration Testing:

Fackler, SVM-9, Equivalence Techniques for Vibration Testing: equiv.pdf

Rice and Buehrle, Validation of Force Limited Vibration Testing at NASA Langley Research Center: NASA-2003-tm212404.pdf
Chang, Structural Loads Prediction in Force-Limited Vibration Testing, 02-1113.pdf
Heinrichs, Feasibility of Force-Controlled Spacecraft Vibration Testing using Notched Random Test Spectra: Heinrichs_force.pdf
Painter, Use of Force and Acceleration Measurements in Specifying and Monitoring Laboratory Vibration Tests: Painter_test.pdf
Pulgrano, Impedance Concerns in Vibration Testing: Pulgrano_impedance.pdf
Salter, Taming the General-Purpose Vibration Test: Salter_test.pdf
Hine, Evaluation of Conservatism in Low Frequency Vibration Test Control: Hine_low_frequency.pdf
The Effect of Fixture Impedance in Vibration Testing: fixture_impedance.pdf
Mass Loading Effects for Heavy Equipment and Payloads: mass_loading.pdf
Matlab script: mass_loading.m
Mass Loading Parametric Study via a Two-degree-of-freedom System: mass_load_two_dof.pdf
Structural Response to an Applied Point Force in Terms of Mechanical Impedance: shock_impedance.pdf
Electrical-Mechanical Analogy for Dynamic Systems: electrical_mechanical.pdf
Also Refer to: Testing Standards
Franken, Scharton, Mack, Comparison of Mariner Assembly-Level and Spacecraft-Level Vibration Tests: Mariner.pdf
Chang & Sharton, Cassini Spacecraft & Instrument Force Limited Testing: Cassini_force.pdf
Kern, Kuo, Scharton, Vibration and Acoustic Testing for Mars Micromission Spacecraft: 99-2092.pdf

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Mass Loading Attenuation Factor for Heavy Equipment and Payloads
Driving point impedance of a thin plate, bending waves
Driving point impedance of a beam, longitudinal waves
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