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Building Tutorials

Building Vibration Standards: building.pdf

Transamerica Pyramid Design: pyramid.pdf
United Facilities Criteria (UFC) Structural Load Data, US Department of Defense: ufc_3_310_01.pdf

Terminal 5, London Heathrow: The new control tower:  Heathrow_tower.pdf

C. Gordon, Generic Vibration Criteria for Vibration-Sensitive Equipment: Gordon-SPIE99.pdf

Vibration of a Shear Frame Building:  shear_building.pdf
See also Earthquake Engineering Page

Building Damping & Tuned Mass Dampers

Structures Incorporating Tuned Mass Dampers: TMD_Table.pdf

Yukio Tamura, Damping in Buildings, Tokyo Polytechnic University, The 21st Century Center of Excellence Program: damping_buildings_lecture.pdf

Kijewski and Kareem, Analysis of full-scale data from a tall building in Boston: damping estimates: Boston.pdf

Livanos, Raffan, and Coltrona, Active Control of Vibration in Tall Buildings VibrationTall Buildings.pdf

Ji Young Kim, Dae Young Kim, and Sang Dae Kim, Evaluations of the dynamic properties for a residential tall building in Korea:  Korea_building_damping.pdf

Damping in Tall Buildings and Towers: tall_building_damping.pdf

Bridge Tutorials

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure: tacoma.pdf

Womack and Halling, Forced Vibration Testing of the I-15 South Temple Bridge: temple_bridge.pdf

D. Taylor: Damper Retrofit of the London Millennium Footbridge- A Case Study in Biodynamic Design: dt_damper.pdf

Transportation & Construction-Induced Vibration

Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment: FTA_Noise_and_Vibration_Manual.pdf
Transportation and Construction-Induced Vibration Guidance Manual, California Department of Transportation: CDT_TC.pdf
Henwood & Haramy, Vibrations Induced by Construction Traffic: A Historic Case Study: 043henwood_construction_vibrations.pdf
Fundamental Frequency of a Tall Building:


Generate a time history to satisfy the Generic Vibration Criterion VC-E curvevce_generate.exevce_generate.cpp
Calculation of a velocity spectrum from an acceleration or velocity time history, per the Colin Gordon Generic Vibration Criterion.

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 September 2001
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