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Fluctuating Pressure Excitation

M. Lowson, Prediction of Boundary Layer Pressure Fluctuations: AFFDLTR67-167.pdf

H. Runyan, Some Recent Information of Aircraft Vibration Due to Aerodynamic Sources: aircraft_aerodynamic.pdf

Jet Aircraft Fuselage External Fluctuating Pressure During Cruise: aircraft_fuselage_spl.pdf

Fluctuating Pressure Flow Levels on Aircraft External Surfaces:  aircraft_external_skin.pdf

Hard Landings

Aircraft Acceleration Loads: aircraft_acceleration_loads.pdf

Flight Safey Digest:  Stabilized Approach and Flare and Keys to Avoiding Hard Landings


S. Liguore & T. Beier, Recognition and Correction of Sonic Fatigue Damage in Fighter Aircraft sonic_fighter_fatigue.pdf

See also: Fatigue & Fretting


J. Howard, Small Aircraft Gust Fatigue: small_aircraft_gust.pdf


See: Fluid Dynamics

Airport & Aircraft Noise

See: Airport & Aircraft Noise


See:  Propeller Sound & Vibration

See: Helicopter Vibration

 Newsletters with Aircraft Acoustic Articles

Feature Articles
August 2011
XF-84H Turboprop Aircraft
Aircraft Landing Shock
Turbofan Engine Buzz-Saw Noise
March 2006
Booming Sand Dunes and Beaches  
Vibration in Naval Aviation   
Sputnik Beep Acoustic Analysis   
January 2006

Stuka Dive Bomber Siren  
Lockheed C130J Hercules Vibration  
Model Rocket Liftoff Acoustics    
IIT Tube  

April 2003
Apache Helicopter Noise.

This article includes Fourier transforms of acoustic data that reveal the blade passing frequency and harmonics of each rotor.
 February 2003
1. Space Shuttle Columbia Infrasound
2. Snapping Shrimp Acoustics
 July 2002
Space Shuttle Acoustics, Overpressure, and Vibration
 May 2002
1. Acoustic Reverberant Chamber
2. Bolides
 April 2002
1. Quartz Crystal Microbalances
2. Sonic Booms
3. Triangle Sound and Vibration

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