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Ring Vibration Modes: ringmode.pdf

Matlab script:  ring.m & materials.m
Nastran Model: ring_modes.nas

Natural Frequencies of an Infinite Cylinder with Plain Strain: infinite_cylinder.pdf

Matlab Script: infinite_cylinder.m
& materials.m
Vibroacoustic Response of a Cylinder: cylinder_vibroacoustic.pdf
Natural Frequencies of a Finite, Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shell: cylindrical_shell.pdf

FEA file: fixed_fixed_cylinder3.nas

Matlab Scripts: cylinder_wave.m and
Bing-ru, et al, Study on applicability of modal analysis of thin finite length cylindrical shells using wave propagation approach: cylinder_wave.pdf
Pellicano, Linear and Nonlinear Vibration of Shells: LNV_Shells.pdf
Arthur W. Leissa, NASA SP-288, Vibration of Shells: Leissa_vibration_shells.pdf
D. Miller & F. Hart, NASA CR-897, Modal Density of Thin Circular Cylinders, Miller_NASA.pdf
Murphy, Transverse Vibration of a Simply Supported Frustum of a Right Circular Cone: transverse_cone.pdf
Platus, Conical Shell Vibrations: NASA_Conical_Shell.pdf
Backlund, Jesper, Free Vibration Analysis of Rocket Nozzles Using Energy Methods: rocket_nozzle_vibration.pdf
Sewall and Catherines, Analytical Vibration Study of a Ring-Stiffened Conical Shell and Comparison with Experiment, NASA TN D-5663: ring_stiffened_conical_shell.pdf
Derivation of the Volume of a Cone and of a Conical Shell: volume_cone.pdf

Matlab Scripts

Matlab Scripts are given at: Matlab


 Software Description



Ring frequency for a cylindrical structure.
Unit conversion  program.


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